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Substash is a free Chrome extension that keeps track of your recurring subscriptions — anything from Netflix to Notion.
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Looks like you're on a mobile device! Substash is a Chrome extension for desktop browsers. So you don't forget, we can send you a reminder for later. 
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Track your subscriptions on any Chromium browser

Like a password manager, but for subscriptions

Save the name, monthly cost and other related info for each of your recurring subscriptions. 

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Whether it's Slack or Spotify, store your work and personal subscriptions in one place.

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Frequently asked questions

Substash is a subscription manager that helps you keep track of your personal and work subscriptions. Substash is inspired by password managers such as 1Password and Bitwarden.
It's free! Our only priority is building something that people love, so Substash is completely free while we collect feedback. We plan to eventually release paid tiers for both personal and business in the second half of 2024. That said, we will always have a free tier.
Not yet, but soon! The focus is on on the Chrome extension for now, however a web app as well as iOS and Android apps with cross-platform syncing are on the roadmap.
For starters: more currencies, additional billing cycle options, subscription sorting, folders, labels, and usage analytics to help you understand how often you use each subscription.
Absolutely! Email with your feature request and we'll review it for our roadmap.

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